Unlock Your Potential with CARES® Online Training, Certification, and Credentialing

Begin acquiring dementia-care skills with CARES® specialized online training modules for individuals, available today!

Nationally Recognized, Award-Winning Programs to Improve Your Dementia Care Skills

CARES® provides comprehensive training and certifications in dementia care that can help you unlock your potential. Our programs are designed to help individuals develop and refine their dementia-care skills, giving the right tools and confidence to provide the best possible care. With engaging content, interactive activities, and videos of actual staff, experts, families, and people living with dementia, you can be sure that you are getting the best training.

Comprehensive Training

Every program has captivating material, interactive exercises, and real-life videos of personnel, specialists, relatives, and people living with dementia.

Award-Winning Program

CARES® is an award-winning program that has been nationally recognized and awarded for its effectiveness in helping people to better care for those with dementia.

Professional Credentialing

Certification and credentialing are key to demonstrating your competence and expertise to provide exemplary care for your residents.

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