Customer Testimonials

“The CARES program was thorough, insightful and had numerous opportunities to put into practice the concepts and approaches for dementia care. As someone with direct care experience as well as program development background, I would highly recommend the program to anyone in the direct care field and feel that this an elevated approach to person centered care and an excellent support for both care staff and families.”


Kera Seritti, Program Development & Support Specialist, Covenant Living Communities, Skokie, IL

“Thank you, HealthCare Interactive, for providing such an excellent course to become a certified dementia specialist! I selected CARES among many other courses I evaluated because of the excellent reviews it received, the fact that it used training videos of actual people living with dementia (not just actors), and the fact that it is recognized by the CMS. I am very thankful I selected your company and this program!

I have previously been certified in 4 different areas in the perinatal field working with childbearing women and newborns, so I am familiar with certification training programs. I appreciated the organization of this online program and the thorough content. Above all, I appreciated the distinct compassion and respect shown to people who are living with dementia. The acronym for this program – CARES – is an accurate representation for the emphasis of this program. I felt that the genuine care for people living with dementia was evident in each interview and throughout the course.

It has been a pleasure to take this course with you!”
-Julie White, C.D.S.

“The steps in the CARES program are spot on. I feel very enlightened and affirmed in that this is how I would have thought to care for a person with Alzheimer’s. The videos were extremely valuable in that the current Alzheimer’s [patients] were demonstrative on how to handle many situations.”
–Laura, OK, Nurse

“Its a very good program. Help me understands theire needs and do and donts.” [sic]
–Shakia, Birmingham, AL, Non-certified staff

“I have worked in mem care and think that approach is the most effective, caring, kind and helpful way to approach care….I really enjoyed the interaction quality of the program…the examples… using actual people living with dementia.” [sic]
–Marlene, Fergus Falls, MN, Nurse

“I’ve really made use of CARES. We are required to give assisted living staff 12 hours of dementia training. We are currently having 13 staff go through the 10 hours. It’s convenient, and they seem to really like it. One member of our aide staff said the program was “one of the best ever”—very clear and with real examples.
–Jeanne Heid-Grubman, Associate Administrator, The Holmstad, Batavia, IL

“The CARES® Dementia Basics program was extremely helpful. I wish we had seen the program while we were going through the disease process with my mother-in-law… It would have been such a different experience for our entire family. Now that I have the tools, I can use the CARES Approach with people I care for every day.”
–Sherley B., Senior Stylist – Matura Salon and Spa, New Jersey

I am currently working on my dissertation. I have watched many CARES videos/modules on the care of dementia and this is by far one of the best programs I have come across. I want to use the CARES Basics 4-modules as an intervention in my research study. I believe adding these training modules will get better results in training students to provide meaningful care, compared to students who are just providing care with no additional training. I have had several students watch it and their feedback was great.
–Michelle Kimzey, Texas Woman’s University, Dallas, Texas

I work in the Dementia world on the front line as a CNA. An orientation to the people and their profiles and care plans in any Dementia unit is “Standard Operating Procedure.” I know now that this orientation is inadequate and, quite frankly, not good care. The CARES/essentialALZ training has finally brought me into my residents’ world and given me the perspective needed to provide the care that they require. Even the simple understanding of how to approach someone has helped me enormously. My job is easier; I am not creating more work for myself, because I understand more about this terrible disease than just the biology behind it.
–Michelle, CNA, Assisted Living Facility Late Stage Dementia Care Unit

CARES® training is very educational and informative.
CARES interactive approach prompts great discussion.
CARES gives you examples of the right approach, not just tells you what the right approach is.
CARES teaches you how to communicate with not only your residents but with your co-workers.
CARES prompts/fosters team work
–Michele A. Glaser, Annandale Village, Suwanee, GA

C= Creative, A= Accurate, R= Realistic, E= Essential, and S= Superb. Thank you!
–Roy Cordes, MA, Psychology, Hayward, CA

I recently completed the 10-module CARES program and found it to be very well done. I am a dentist who is new to providing care in several nursing homes and have found much of the information very useful. Your CARES program has provided an important service, the need for which will be growing.
–Scott Prusinski, DDS, Elwood, IN

Let me say that the CARES Late-Stage program is really great, and I learned a lot just from listening/following along with the words while the narrator spoke. Congratulations!!!!
–Kate, Massage Therapist, St. Paul, MN

What a pleasant surprise it was to discover the Savvy Caregiver–an excellent, effective, and necessary program. I am an RN who for years taught in-home caregivers of people with dementia-related diseases. I highly recommend the Savvy Caregiver Complete Package to the courageous families who have made it their responsibility to care for their affected loved ones at home. The up-to-date information and guidance in this program will make care more effective in every way. Two thumbs up!!
–Robert Curtis, RN/BSN, Knoxville, TN

My brother and sister, who have less access to classes, also felt the CARES online study program was very valuable. I have noticed an increased understanding and participation in our caregiving. We can communicate better as a team. Thank you!!
–Linda Freeland, Family Caregiver, Loveland, CO

I decided to give your CARES program a try for several reasons: the cost was reasonable; convenience of the program was a plus (offering 24-hour online flexibility); and the program appeared to be very appropriate for our needs. After our staff completed the program, they said…it was wonderful that they could sign in and out as needed; the flexibility was so convenient; it was nice that it did not have to be completed all at once; interactive features made the learning experience fun and interesting; it was interesting to have the different types of learning including graphs, videos, and audio; and the information was up to date and appropriate for all staff, including RNs and CNAs. The patient’s family also looked at the site and learned a great deal—and was very appreciative. Thank you and keep up the good work. We loved it!!
–Christy Makosh, Staff Manager, DeKalb, IL


I thought that the program was easy to follow and well done. I thought that your program was very affordable and easily accessible. We will keep it in our education plan for the future. Thanks for your assist.
–Lynette Schmitz, Director of Nursing, Maryhill Manor, Enderlin, ND


Just wanted to pass along a few comments regarding the CARES dementia training program. The CNAs have been responding in a very positive manner to the program. They stop to make interesting comments, observations, or have discussions on the various topics (even when I’m not in the room with them and they don’t know I’m within earshot). I am very impressed that the aides are learning a lot from the modules—and from each other.
–Sharon, CNA Supervisor, The Holmstad, Batavia, IL


Access to each module was computer friendly. The input from family members was very important…a true reminder that every person’s input/experience with a resident is important and how crucial everyone’s efforts are on the care and the success of care for the resident and the resident’s family. This online training has been beneficial for me…I am thinking about employment after being unemployed for five years after the birth of my daughter. This online training program helped me re-enter the world of dementia. Family input is so important and it was good for me to hear and see the care. Thank you for this opportunity again.
–Tracy, CNA, Arnold, MO


I knew as soon as I went through the first screen on Clara Jones that I was going to like this training program.
–Tina, CNA, Chicago, IL


I had the opportunity to share CARES with the staff of the training department for the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health in Delaware (DSAMH). They previewed it and showed it to the nursing administrators on our geriatric units. They all were very impressed, and today I received an e-mail telling me that they would be offering eight sessions of the CARES program in their training catalogue next year. I am so very excited that the door is opening here, and I only hope that it is just the beginning. In honor of your grandmother and my husband, I hope learning how to care for dementia patients with dignity becomes the norm instead of the exception.
–Carol Lovett, Advocacy Committee, Alzheimer’s Association, Delaware Valley Chapter, Newark, DE


I have never used a computer before, but this program was so easy to use that I thought to myself, “Maybe I should get a computer!” [Note: Maria purchased her first computer a month later.]
–Maria, CNA, Chicago, IL


Our facility has used the CARES Online Dementia Care Training Program to in-service our staff, Board of Trustees, and family members on caring for individuals with dementia. It was an excellent training tool for several reasons. One reason why it was so effective was that the people in the modules were real residents, caregivers, and family members with real situations, making it much easier for viewers to relate to. The fact that it was interactive increased participation. I really appreciated how much emphasis was placed on how important the role of the caregiver, particularly the CENA, is in the care of the resident. My experience with HealthCare Interactive has been very positive, and I look forward to receiving updates on the program.
–Susan Vosburgh, Director of Nursing, St. Anne’s Mead, Southfield, MI

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