CARES® Worksheets

Download and use the CARES® worksheets for notetaking during training. Each worksheet reinforces the most important information in each module. The worksheets (and any notes you take) can be used during your CARES® certification exams.
If you are taking a Florida-specific training program, click here to access the CARES Florida worksheets.

CARES® Dementia Basics™

CARES® Dementia Basics™ in Spanish

CARES® Dementia Advanced Care™

CARES® Dementia-Related Behavior™

CARES® Activities of Daily Living™ 4-Hour

CARES® Activities of Daily Living™ 10-Hour

CARES® End-of-Life Dementia Care™

CARES® Elder Abuse Awareness and Prevention™

CARES® Serious Mental Illness™

CARES® Dementia Care for Families™

CARES® Dementia Friendly Hospitals