California CNA Upskilling (CUSP)
Supervisor Training

As part of the CUSP workforce program, supervisors are required to complete the following activities to fulfill the requirements of the CUSP Supervisor portion for CARES training programs. CARES teaches an evidence-based 5-step method to care called the CARES Approach. You should be familiar with this approach and the content to assist and supervise your CNA as their caregiving skills are developed.

CUSP Supervisor Training Steps

CARES 5-Minute Program Overview Videos

CARES® Dementia 5-Step Method™

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CARES® Serious Mental Illness™

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CARES® Activities of Daily Living™

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CARES® Observational Tool™
1-Hour Supervisor Training

Once you have completed both CARES® online training programs (4 modules each), please complete the supervisor training below.

This supervisor training will instruct you in the use of the CARES® Observational Tool (COT). The COT is a person-centered behavioral observation form developed as part of a grant from the National Institute on Aging (NIA). The purpose of the COT is to assess whether the CARES Approach and strategies presented in the CARES online training programs are being used by staff members in actual practice. It can be relatively easy for any staff member to take a training program and pass an online exam, but that often does not translate into a change of observable care behavior. The COT can be used to evaluate actual care behavior, teach the CARES Approach in staff training, and even be implemented as a formalized part of staff evaluations.

In order to effectively supervise your staff with CARES, you will use the COT resources below in order to observe and instruct them which areas of person-centered care they are performing well, and which areas they could improve upon.

If you have any questions regarding the use of this tool, please contact Debbie Richman, at

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