Test-Drive Videos

View a sample video of each of our products. 

These short test-drives will give you a better idea of the different program’s content. Each program is interactive, video-based, and user friendly. The programs contain real-life examples, interviews with professionals, and informational videos to help you better care for someone with dementia.

Training Tools
HealthCare Interactive wants you to get the most out of your training. These helpful training tools will assist you in note-taking and help you better assess the knowledge you’ve obtained from the CARES® Training. Both tools can be used by staff members, administrators, and family members.

Would you or your staff members like to take your learning to the next level? Download and use the CARES worksheets. Each worksheet is two pages in length and reinforces the most important information in each module. Plus, the worksheets (and any notes you take) can be used during your CARES® Certification exam(s).

CARES® Learning Objectives can be downloaded here, and are arranged by program. Each module within our programs has specific learning objectives—brief statements that describe what you will learn by the end of that module. Look through the document to find the program or programs you’re interested in purchasing or to provide a summary of key points you’ve already learned in your CARES training.

The CARES® Observational Tool (or COT) is an easy-to-administer observational tool for assessing staff behavior. It was designed around person-centered care concepts taught in the CARES® Dementia Basics & Advanced Care Online Training Program.

CARES® Approach Products
HealthCare Interactive offers fun CARES products for individuals or facilities to show off their completion of the CARES® Training program(s). Having the CARES pins, cards, and posters throughout your facility encourages staff to use the CARES Approach on a daily basis and is a great marketing tool for potential clients.

Reward your staff when they have completed their training with these CARES pins and cards. Staff, residents, and potential clients will notice the bright green CARES pins on a daily basis. What a fun post-training giveaway!

The CARES® Approach should be used on a daily basis. Hang posters and flyers throughout your facility to remind staff to use the person-centered care approach they learned in CARES® training!

Sample Marketing Materials
Once you and/or your employees have earned CARES® certifications, we recommend using it to showcase individual accomplishment and organizational commitment in resumes, press releases, and newsletters.

Show potential employers that you have committed yourself to completing CARES online trainings, CARES® certifications, and the CARES Dementia Specialist (C.D.S.) credentialing program. List CARES courses, CARES® certifications, and the C.D.S. credential separately to make your resume stand out professionally.

Promote to the public your employees’ dementia-specific training and individual certification. Not only is this a great tool to get recognized in your community, but another great motivational tool for staff.

Show pride and confidence in your staff for completing CARES training and CARES® certifications by promoting individual accomplishments in your marketing newsletter! You will also be educating your community, including prospective clients—about your commitment to providing the best in person-centered dementia care.

Free Tips and Pointers
The following free resources are great handouts for families, employees, or volunteers.