Meet Louisiana’s Dementia Training Requirements
with CARES® Online Training Programs

The CARES online dementia-care training programs were co-developed by HealthCare Interactive and the Alzheimer’s Association as a resource for CNAs, supervisors, nurses, social workers, administrators, and other direct-care workers. CARES is unlike other training in its use of real-life footage of patients with dementia, families, and personnel in a variety of situations, it has been hailed as the “best training program of any kind” by many users nationwide.

CARES® Dementia Basics and CARES® Advanced Care
have been approved for all Louisiana Position Types for Dementia Care

CARES Online Dementia Care Training Program
Site License Pricing Starts At:
  • $1,499 for 1-year Single-Site License
  • $599 for 10-User License
Louisiana Position TypeCARES Basics and CARES Advanced Bundle (10 hours)CARES Basics (4 hours)CARES Basics 2 Hour/Written Materials
CARES Training Modules ApprovedModules 1-8 (9 & 10 Optional)Modules 1-4Modules 2 & 3 (1 & 4 Optional)
NF-4A X 
NF-4B X 
ARC-2  X