Purchase Your CARES® Dementia Specialist™ Credential Exam Voucher

If your organization subscribes to the CARES® Complete Catalog™, our 40-hour/40 module catalog of all CARES product, you can credential staff for a discounted rate of only $150 per person because you have already purchased all required CARES training programs. In fact, if you plan to credential 7 or more staff members, you will save money by purchasing one of the CARES® Complete Catalog™ options below with our discounted $150 C.D.S. exam vouchers.

Purchase – Organizations

Purchase the CARES® Complete Catalog, then purchase credential exam vouchers for $150.00/each so staff can earn their CARES Dementia Specialist credential.

Once staff takes the credentialing exam, submit their information, and are approved, they will receive:

  • A CARES Dementia Specialist certificate that you can frame
  • A CARES Dementia Specialist lapel pin
  • A congratulations letter from HealthCare Interactive’s CEO and founder, John Hobday

Directions: Organizations will need to follow a two-step purchasing process

Step 1: Purchase CARES Complete Catalog for Organizations.

Step 2: Purchase Credentialing Exam Voucher.

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