CARES® Reminder Cards and Promotional Pins

Would you like to reward yourself or your staff for a job well done? Purchase our CARES® Reminder Cards and Promotional Pins. The more you buy, the more you save!

Product Descriptions

The CARES® reminder card is printed on heavy coated stock sized for purses, wallets, ID badge holders, or shirt pockets. The card displays the five CARES® Approach steps for easy reference. These cards are perfect for staff members, families, and other caregivers.

The CARES® pin is a high-quality product with a gold and enameled finish that displays the CARES® logo. It is perfectly sized to wear on a lapel or shirt to recognize and emphasize the CARES training and the CARES Approach. It comes with a round clasp to attach to the pin on the under side of a jacket or shirt.