CARES Online Training – User Log-In Instructions

Download helpful CARES® Staff Quicksheets for easy-to-follow instructions that can be used by staff when accessing the CARES online training programs. 

Click on the product(s) you purchased from the table below to download the corresponding Staff Quicksheet fillable form. To customize the Quicksheet for your facility, update the fillable fields in the PDF with your specific site information, including program product keys, and Certification requirements as follows:

  1.   Fill in the name of your location at the top.
  2.   Fill in your product keys in the space provided in Step 1.
  3.   Select your CARES® Dementia Certification option you from the drop-down menu provided in Step 3.
    • Is the Certification exam optional?
    • Is the certification exam required?
    • Is the Certification exam not offered?